As of March 2019, Jacksonville Beach has rolled out a new parking system on weekends, which takes payment by kiosk instead of attendant, in the paid lots.

For Jacksonville Beach residents:

Simply go to the Jacksonville Beach Resident Parking Program website and register your vehicles' license plates. Once your registration is complete, you can park free in those lots, and we encourage you to do so in order to free up other spots for our non-resident friends.

For non-Jacksonville Beach residents: 

There is still plenty of non-paid parking around Ocean City Church. But, if you choose to park in a paid lot, non-residents will pay to park in those paid lots if your car is in the lot after 10:00 am (even if you entered the lot before 10:00 am).

  • For now, you will pay at a kiosk located in the parking lot.

  • The city is planning to roll out an app (ParkMobile) soon, and you will be able to pay through the app instead of going to the kiosk to pay.

  • You will need your license plate number when you pay to park, as the system tracks license plates in the lot.

  • Once you have paid and received your receipt at the kiosk, you do not need to return to your car to put the receipt on your dash.

Parking Map - 102 6th Ave N.png